Our Mission

Action for Education works to create affordable, accessible, and sustainable opportunities for education and healthcare in western Honduras. Our mission is centered around capacity building -- we want to bring resources from the United States to enable Honduran communities to succeed in their own way. To that end, we work with partners in Honduras to ensure that our program best matches the needs of the community. By drawing on expertise from those around Honduras and in the United States, we strive to make our model as effective as possible.

Our Staff

Action for Education is made up of a staff of dedicated people from the United States and Honduras. We combine our expertise is many fields, including medicine, public health, economics, and political science, in order to ensure the success and sustainability of our programs

Our History

While participating on a medical mission trip to a small town in Copan, Honduras, I grew extremely close to the trip's director, Jorge Encalada. After learning that Jorge's community in San Pedro Sula, Honduras had no public school for nearby students to attend, leaving hundreds of youth without any means to an education, I vowed to raise the necessary funds in September 2014 and worked with Jorge to build the Action for Education Public School in his community. After initially struggling to raise any funds, accumulating only $500 in the first month and a half of fundraising, I was worried that I would not be able to fulfill my promise to Jorge. After describing my initial struggles to my friend, Jorge ensured me that God was on our side, and that he would not let us fail. Shortly after, my continued work paid off and donations started pouring in. 

Since that time, I have truly believed that God has watched over all of our progress. We raised an incredible $15,000 of donations, and after four short months of construction, the school was completed on January 31st, 2015 -  just in time for classes to begin the next day on February 1st! After an incredible first year in which 100% of students graduated to the next grade level, the school expanded to 220 students the following year and received praise from local government officials for providing a high-quality, expense-free education for students. Now in our third year, we are currently educating 351 students and have continued to improve our facilities. After our initial success, I wanted to do more and so I collaborated with friends to co-found the nonprofit organization, Action for Education, Inc. The Students for Change Scholarship Program was the first additional service offered by AcE, which sought to provide impoverished students with additional financial support to prevent them from dropping out of school and joining the workforce to help support their families. 

-Michael Mastroianni

Founder & President of AcE Inc.

In August 2015, I traveled to Honduras on a medical service trip. While there, I witnessed the dramatic shortage of medical professionals and heard from young community members who wished they had the means to become nurses and doctors. Community leaders spoke of the lack of available educational opportunities to go into the medical field, and together, we came up with the idea of an affordable nursing program to promote education, health, and economic opportunities by addressing the root causes of the structural violence in Honduras.


Throughout the fall of 2015, I began to work with a team of Tufts University students, an advisory board of Tufts faculty and staff, and we soon officially joined Action for Education. 

Together, we performed a needs assessment in the region to determine how to best shape the program to fit the community’s needs and officially made a business plan. During that process, I was contacted by Manuel Leopoldo Fernandez, the mayor of a municipality called Trinidad. He asked that we bring the program to Trinidad, citing their dire need for a program to improve both the employment and health care situation in the region. With the help of partners from both the United States and Honduras, we were able to establish the school in February 2018. We are now continuing to finalize our accreditation and improve our school facilities. I’m so excited to continue our work, and with the help of our partners and the amazing contributions of our supporters, I feel confident that Trinidad School of Nursing will be a success!


-Marianna Marques

Founder of TSN & Chief Operating Officer

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