Our First Service Trip was a Huge Success!

The final count is in... over just two weeks (about 8 days of clinic), AcE's first service trip treated 2,311 patients and filled 7,245 prescriptions!! From setting up our clinic in a government center in Corquin Copan, to traveling up mountains to nearby schools in local villages, to even handing out vitamins and toothbrushes at our own public school in San Pedro Sula, our first AcE team truly made a huge impact to everybody we were able to see over these past two weeks. We were not the only ones giving though, as everybody we came across in Honduras touched our team's hearts and inspired all of us to continue to make a difference. Thank you Honduras, for giving us a second home! For more information on how you can participate and travel to Honduras in the future as part of our AcE team, please visit our Service Trips page to sign up!

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